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Sick and tired of ineffective meetings?

As a senior executive, are you getting the best out of your team in high-value decision meetings?

After a high-value decision meeting do you feel like did not reach the best decision?

As a manager, are you concerned you did not get the best possible participation from your team?

After a high-value meeting do you feel like you were not able to tap into the diversity of opinions and different thinking styles of your team?

As a employee, invited to provide input to high-value decisions, do you feel you could not contribute your idea/opinion in the best possible way?

Did you need more time to think? Wish you knew others’ opinions before the meeting? Wish the “squeaky wheel” meeting participant did not drown your idea/opinions?


Consider meetings wasted time [1,2]


Consider meetings come at the expense of deep thinking [3].


Consider meetings are unproductive and inefficient [3].

Meeting Expense Calculator

Number of people at meeting

Average annual salary of participant

How long is the meeting?

How many times a month do you have these meetings?

That costs the company every month! AND

participants thought of the time as wasted AND

participants thought the meeting came at an expense of deep thinking AND

participants thought it was unproductive and inefficient,

and that’s not including opportunity costs, space, utilities and other infrastructure costs!

Effective Meetings
  • Ensure participants come prepared.
  • Have time to digest others’ thoughts and form opinions.
  • Demonstrate the organizer’s respect for participants’ time and opinions.
  • Don’t pressure participants into “making stuff up” on the fly.
  • Allow the “quiet ones” to contribute as much as the “squeaky wheels”.
  • Make optimal use of face-to-face time.
  • Avoid meetings that “could have been an email”.
  • Avoid getting off-topic.
You can help you make meetings more effective.
Be a star. Let your entire team know you appreciate their time and input.

Let Each Speak provides a thoughtful structure to run effective meetings in a safe, inclusive and profitable setting.

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[2] Half Of All Meetings Are A Waste Of Time – Here’s How To Improve Them, Peter High, Forbes 2019

[3] Stop the Meeting Madness, Leslie A. Perlow, Constance Noonan Hadley, and Eunice Eun, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2017

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